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The Izaak Walton Legue is committed to creating better wildlife habits, including putting out wood duck nesting boxes.

The Wood Duck is one of North American's most beautifl waterfowl. The males have beautiful multicolor plumage with green crowns, blue wings and black and white stripes along the side of their maroon chests, while females have gray-brown plumage, dark brown eyes, and a pale gray bill.

Conservationists have learned that wood ducks will nest in specially designed boxes if they are placed in strategic loations near food, trees, and water.

IWLA Des Plaines Chapter member volunteers have constructed, installed, and currenlty maintain about 12 wood duck nesting boxes along the Des Plaines River near the clubhouse for the ducks to nest in each spring. Each year, the boxes are removed from the posts and the old sawdust is replaced before the ducks return in late March thru early April to choose their nesting locations.

Wood ducks nest in cavities inside old trees, which females line with feathers and other soft bedding material.

Older trees in wetlands serve as natural habitats for wood ducks, and with many older trees in wetland areas destroyed, wood duck boxes help to protect these beautiful birds.

While some of our inhabitants, may not be wood ducks, they are are equally welcome. No cleaning was done on this box! They managed that all by themselves. Apparently this box suits these screech owls just fine.


Sponsor a wood duck box, volunteer, or make a donation to help protect our nations prescious resources.

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