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Respecting Mother Nature - What to Know Before You Go!

The Clearest Way into the Universe is through a Forest Wilderness.”   

~ John Muir

True survival lies not in conquering the land, but in becoming one with it.  Through the practice and perfection of skills, you can become secure and survive comfortably in any wilderness environment.

Under the instruction of Wilderness Skills expert Ron Nosek, the Ike's welcomed the Young Marines National Youth Group to learn wilderness skills techniques, and above all, respect for the natural world.

What to Know Before You Go.

In this engaging workshop, tailored for those with limited outdoor experience, real-life stories illuminated the importance of preparation and vigilance in the wild. Students were immersed in hypothetical survival scenarios, learning crucial skills to navigate emergencies effectively and discovering the six essential items for a survival kit, transforming potential disasters into manageable situations – or even moments of adventure. Students learned how to equip themselves with knowledge and essentials for safer, more enjoyable outdoor adventures.

Unravel the mysteries of outdoor exploration with our Medicine Hawk day and weekend workshops focused on wilderness skills and an overriding respect for the earth as our teacher.

Contact Us to schedule your Wilderness Skills Workshop and embark on your next excursion with confidence!

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