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Medicine Hawk Wilderness Skills

Ancient Skills for Today's World

  • Awareness Skills (2 hrs)

  • Animal Tracking - Clear Print ID (1.5 hrs)

  • Animal Tracking - Gaits (1.5 hrs)


  • Wilderness Skills (1.5)

  • What to Know B4 You Go! (3.5 hrs)

  • Utilitarian Benefit of Plants (1.5 hrs)



The Clearest Way into the Universe is through a Forest Wilderness.”   ~ John Muir

True survival lies not in conquering the land, but in becoming one with it.  Through the practice and perfection of skills, you can become secure and survive comfortably in any wilderness environment.

The skills you will learn include: shelter building, water gathering, fire making, tool, and weapon construction, animal tracking, problem-solving, awareness skills, walking and listening techniques, and above all, respect for the Natural World.


Medicine Hawk

Medicine Hawk teaches day and weekend workshops focused on wilderness skills and an overriding respect for the earth as our teacher.

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Your Instructor

Ron Nosek, your instructor, truly enjoys and respects the natural world, continually hones his skills, and is able and willing to share his knowledge with all who are interested.

These programs are risk-free, informative, beneficial, and fun.  Though you will learn skills that can save your life, this is not a "survival school."  You will not eat bugs nor sleep in trees. But you will learn to reconnect to the natural world.

Would you like to experience the excitement that comes from starting a fire using nothing but sticks?

  • Are you intrigued by the possibility of reading stories in the tracks that animals leave on the face of the earth?

  • If you knew which plants could be used to start a fire and which could heal a bee sting, would you feel more comfortable on your next nature outing?

  • Would you like to learn to quiet yourself and become more aware of the wildlife around you?

  • Could your outdoor confidence use a boost by knowing that you could find fire, water, shelter, and food in almost any environment?

If you are interested in the natural world and your relationship with it, we invite you to join us. No matter what your decision is, may all your trails be smooth and your adventures exciting.

Ideal for scout troops, school and church groups, families, team building for business teams, and anyone with a love for nature.

Ron has been intrigued since childhood with the ability of native peoples to live in harmony in the so-called “wild” places.  In 1979 he read Tom Brown, Jr.’s, “The Tracker”.  For the next 13 years, Ron studied and practiced as best he could the skills about which he had read.  In 1992 Ron learned of Medicine Hawk Wilderness Skills in Milwaukee and began to take classes under the tutelage of Tom & Ellen Hanratty.  He soon became an apprentice, then a full-time instructor.


Intrigued by animals and the signs that they leave upon the earth—from clear prints to scat to skulls—Ron has a penchant for teaching others about those critters.

Ron is a former attorney (retired after 29 years of criminal trial work) who for many years did two wilderness trips a year just to keep his head in the right place.  He has recently recounted a number of his outdoor experiences in a collection of essays published as "Natural Selections".

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What you need to know:
  • Children under 11 will be enrolled only with our prior approval.

  • Every student 16 or under must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

  • Our desire is to share these skills with family units and we realize that “per person” rates may be prohibitive.  So if you're a parent who wishes to attend with 2+ children (ages 18 and under), contact us to discuss a possible family rate.

Refund Policy

If you notify us of cancellation more than 30 days prior to the start of the workshop, you will receive a full refund less a $15 service fee.  Refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the workshop will be at the sole discretion of the facilitator. 

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