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Blossoming Beauty: "Late Blooms Takes Its Final Bow!"

DPAG members, both seasoned and newcomers, came together to conclude the Terrain Biennial project, gearing up for our citywide extravaganza celebrating all the participating artists and community contributors. The Terrain Biennial not only serves as a vibrant testament to our community's boundless creativity but has also been instrumental in raising awareness about the detrimental impact of plastic pollution.

Stay vigilant as our city is about to burst with the captivating "Late Blooms," showcased in front yards, on patios, adorning front stoops, gracing business windows, and embellishing various corners of our beloved city. These magnificent floral creations, crafted from plastics and a variety of other materials, will surely add a touch of beauty to our urban environment.

In July, the IWLA just amended its Conservation Policies, Chapter II Environmental Health by adding the following new provision on Plastics.

The League supports:

  • Establishment of programs to educate the public on plastics and microplastics problems and their impacts on their lives and health.

  • Increased research into identifying and reducing the health impacts of plastics in our environment, particularly in our water and food.

  • Development of alternative materials to reduce or replace plastic

The Izaak Walton League of America, founded in 1926, stands as one of the nation's oldest conservation leagues. They're the unwavering champions, fighting to protect our precious soil, air, water, and wildlife ensuring our natural wonders are there for generations to come.

Join us and make a difference!


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